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Blood Relations

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On a hot muggy day in 1892 in Fall River, an unknown person took an axe and gave a number of whacks to Andrew Borden and his wife Abigail. Andrew's youngest daughter Lizzie was acquitted of the double murder, but acquittal did nothing to dispel suspicions. Did she? Or didn't she? The question reverberates.

In Sharon Pollock’s play, it is 10 years later. While sister Emma sulks upstairs, Miss Lizzie entertains an actress friend from Boston, Nance O Neill. Nance playfully teases, tempts, goads, and challenges Miss Lizzie to reveal her guilt or innocence. Miss Lizzie dances around a direct answer, but suggests a game in which the Actress will play Lizzie with background information that Miss Lizzie provides. The Actress may deduce what she chooses from that information. Miss Lizzie will play Bridget the Maid, who was with Lizzie in the house on the day the Bordens died. The game generates the entrance of other characters who played a pivotal role in the murders and trial. What begins as a game directed by Miss Lizzie gains momentum from the Actress’ interpretation of Lizzie's story. As Nance gains control of the game, a murderer is revealed, but for Nance the question remains “Oh Lizzie, you didn't, did you?”

Directed by Anthony Paré. Featuring Rosanne Pilbeam, Pam Schutz, Mac Dodge, Danda Humphries, Richard Austin, Larry Musser, Pamela Girone.

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June 7, 2020